Can tone deaf people sing in tune?

You may have heard people joke about it, but being tone deaf is an actual possibility.

Singing is one of the quickest ways to hear if someone has pitch problems, but it is possible to have trouble singing in tune even if you’re not tone deaf.

  • If you are tone deaf, you will not be able to sing in tune.
  • However, if you’re not tone deaf then ear training and singing practice can fix your difficulties with singing in tune.

Basic pitch sensitivity tests can determine whether or not you are actually tone deaf. If you’re worried about your pitch skills, first try taking a tone deafness test.

If not, what you once thought was “tone deafness” is now curable with pitch ear training in order to help identify high (sharp) and low (flat notes). Once you’ve passed that training, you’re one step closer to singing ear training and having a beautiful singing voice.

How can you tell whether you’re in tune when you sing?

You can tell whether or not you’re in pitch by asking others to listen to you. Most people can instinctively tell whether or not a singer is out of tune, but it’s best to ask someone you think has a good “musical ear”.

Sounds simple, right? People like music teachers, choir members, and people with a good ear will be able to tell you if your sound is spot on or lacking. Still, this can be intimidating at first.

Digital tuners and recording yourself are also good avenues to take if you’re not quite ready to sing in front of others.

You can also get digital tuners and recorders as mobile apps which can allow you to practice on your own and hone your skills. Don’t forget: It’s often uncomfortable to hear yourself sing – you are your biggest critic! Don’t be put off. Just remember to not judge too harshly and give yourself a chance.


With the advice we’ve discussed (tests, apps, feedback from friends and more), you should be on your way to discovering your true voice in no time.