SingTrue: The app that can teach anyone to sing in tune.


Discover your voice and become a true singer.

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How It Works

Train Your Musical Ear

Train Your Ears

Learn To Recognise Notes By Ear.

Become More Musical.

Train Your Musical Mind

Train Your Mind

Overcome Past Barriers.

Discover The Secrets To Becoming A Good Singer.

Train Your Voice

Train Your Voice

Unlock Your Vocal Potential.

Be Pitch-Perfect On Every Note.

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 Early Users Are Saying:




“As addictive as any game. I wanted to keep going through all the levels.”


A Portable Singing Teacher

“Really impressed with this app. A step outside the box, a different way of thinking. A portable singing teacher… Awesome.”


Improve Quickly

“The best thing about it is the simplicity and the helpful strategies it uses to make you improve quickly.”


For Singers Of All Levels

“This app is for singers of all levels. But definitely beginner singers. Also all musicians looking to improve their musical ear”


Dramatic Improvement

“SingTrue is the app I was looking for. Already I see a dramatic improvement in my ability to sing and hold a note.”

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Easy Ear Training

SingTrue is an Musical U app.